Phosphoscent Block

luminous without electricity

There is no electrical equipment inside the product.
It is a block that absorbs natural and artificial light and emits light for a long time even at night, and it is a functional sidewalk block that lights various warning signs and distances.


After absorbing enough light, it emits light for about eight hours.

Various sizes

Default Specification size(D200*W200*H60mm/D100*W200*H60mm/D100*W100*H60mm)
Other than that, you can make it in various sizes.

On-Demand Design Blocks

Various designs such as bus stop numbers, footprints, and warning signs can be made.


It can play a role in guiding roads in indoor fire situations where electricity is cut off
and prevent accidents on night sidewalks, roads


It is not necessary for electrical devices, so it can reduce costs
and is easy to install.