Thermal Block

Thermal Block

It automatically detects the temperature
and heats up itself

Thermal function

It can be installed in the freezing section to prevent accidents.


It is made as an integral stainless steel wire, so there is no crack or separation.


Connect by block and install on the installation frame. So it's simple and easy to maintain.

Various colors

You can specify the color of the block and create various color patterns, such as sidewalk blocks.

Dustproof and waterproofing and contamination resistance

It implements IP68 grade dustproof waterproofing and does not react to pollutants by applying surface coating technology.

Bending strength

The bending strength based on the KS sidewalk block is more than three times.

Automatic temperature sensing

There is a sensor inside the block that automatically detects ambient temperature.

Thermal Smart Bench

Automatic temperature sensing

The bench seats are connected by thermal blocks.
It senses the temperature on its own and generates heat.

In addition to the heating function, it has functions such as wireless charging of mobile phones, advertisement lighting, and landscape lighting.

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