Solar Block

the smartest
sidewalk block

It is an eco-friendly renewable energy system that can store solar energy on the road surface.

Road type

It functions as a sidewalk block on the road surface and absorbs solar energy.

All-in-one form

The solar module is integrated, so there is no crack, separation, or separation.


Connect by block and install on the installation frame. So it's simple and easy to maintain.

Various colors

You can specify the color of the block and create various color patterns, such as sidewalk blocks.

Dustproof and waterproofing and contamination resistance

It implements IP68 grade dustproof waterproofing and does not react to pollutants by applying surface coating technology.

Bending strength

The bending strength based on the KS sidewalk block is more than three times.

Power generation efficiency

Through surface refraction technology, power generation efficiency is equal to or higher than that of conventional solar modules.

Solar Smart Bench

Products that apply solar power blocks

A solar power block is coupled to the seat of the bench to absorb solar energy during the day.

This product has mobile phone wired, wireless charging, streetlights, and advertising lighting functions.
Optional functions: streetlights, CCTV, fine dust measurement, etc

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